Sometime we have to surrender to where life is wanting to take us, and just breathe.

Only the truth of who you are will set the breath free.

To sit in the oneness of your soul and mind, is to sit in the breath.

“There were times in my life I believed I didn’t deserve to be free or happy. But through the power of the breath, I discovered a path to Wholeness. To know this place is not enough, to live in this place is the journey.”

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UYB Performance Breathwork

“Revelatory, educational, and motivating. To experience the release of body tensions through Dr. Williard’s method was inspirational. The result — students achieved new vocal security and resonance. He owns the knowledge he shares, and I am beyond happy with the experience; he revitalized my teaching.”

About Dr. Brad

“Facing a series of public speaking events and NPR interviews, Bradley’s practical, powerful, and precise approach gave me the tools to speak clearly and confidently. I was able to move through my anxiety and access my passion. Bradley gave me a fresh insight into how my body, breath, and mind can work in tandem.”

Workshops, Interviews

“Somewhere along the way I must have made a deal with my voice that "children should be seen, but not heard." I had even forgotten that I missed it. Working with Bradley, not only helped me to remember what it is like to sound like myself, I also remember who I was before I made that deal.”